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I reached my breaking point before this year. The kid's birth and the complications with the pregnancy last year stifled that urge to leave temporarily. I owed it to him to try and stay. I loathed the whole interdependent(?) model. That was her vision. I could've done without ever meeting my wife's ex-girlfriend. It worked because I didn't have to be around her, and it wasn't for the purpose of pretending that we had a monogamous marriage. That relationship had nothing to do with me.

If I had asked her to end the relationship, people would've told me I was being controlling. What right did I have to interfere in her business? Some on here would say it wasn't my business or my right. How was I going to combat that? Despite the fact that it impacted my life and marriage, according to some, I still would've been wrong to say anything. I can't get with that logic.

I'm focusing on the marriage and the kids. It's been positive for the most part. I'm just not used to her being around. It's odd walking in day after day and seeing her. I'm used to walking in to an empty house. It's odd when she listens to me and cares what I have to say. She's on a trip right now, and ironically, this feels more like normal than her being here every day. The only difference is I have one kid instead of both, and we're actually talking.

I don't know how long it's going to take to stop feeling like the single father with a wife on paper and get used to being a married father with a healthy marriage and a wife who's present, giving 100% effort, and not allocating me 20% of her time.

Just giving it some more time to settle.
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