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Hey Lemondrop-how can it not pertain if it's pertinent to BDSM?
I created the thread right? (at least I'm pretty sure I did )
SO I call "your post is fair game". Hope that helps you with your nervousness!!!

On a slightly more serious note-I thought your post very helpful.
I am submissive, Maca is naturally Dominant. I don't get into the pain part of things, but even without that GG struggles with the whole thing. He finds the whole kit and kaboodle "silly".
That is hard on him, and me. Because for me, it's not a "sometimes" thing or a "game" it's an all day, every day thing-keeping in mind that yes I do make decisions all day long for myself because I am here with the kids as the only adult MOST of the entire day, there are CERTAIN things that I never do and there are certain things that signal it's M's time to retrieve control.

But it's good-especially in terms of poly-relationships to address the feelings/needs/concerns of a poly-partner who IS NOT into BDSM in terms of how the whole relationship dynamic needs to be handled.
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