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Steve I am going to be blunt.... Polyamory has been one of the hardest things ever on my marriage and Butch and I have been through hell and back together.

We had a pretty solid marriage. Butch knew my history of serial monogamy before me. When I got the 7, in my case 9 year itch, he bluntly brought up Polyamory. He had never had a partner outside our marriage. Only I have.

Poly has magnified hell shown a spot light on the flaws in our marriage. Poly is not always a bonding agent Most of the time it is not. I am sure Butch wishes I wasn't this way. I know Murf wishes I wasn't. Heck this this is a lot of work. I have two other peoples wants to consider. Not enough hours of the day. Kids to think of on top of that.

Poly isn't all fun times.
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