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From the overwhelming similar responses therapy seems is the best answer. I accept that I have a hard time letting it all go in order to move forward and now with everyone's help realize that is what I must do. This has been enlightening and very helpful to me and my emotions and even though this is an internet forum and I'll probably never meet any of you all, I can't help feel that a lot of what I said, maybe by the way I said it was taken out of context. Many of you have responded as if sex was my underlying motivation or the fact that the potential GF would have been a mediator for our past. This is not what I meant. I would not expect that of anyone. I was just saying for future "minor disagreements between any 2 of us, the third person whether it be my wife, the GF, or myself could help. Hell, even if there was no sex, I'd (and would hope all parties) would appreciate the emotional aspect of the relationship.
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