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I'm with a previous comment - I think "lover" is too much information for most people I'm talking about. Were I to say it, it'd be very much in the context of "we're lovers," as a statement of the kind of relationship we have.

I find that most people don't care. As a result, saying boyfriend and girlfriend works, when lightly talking about it. But really, these folks are my partners. Depending on how much I want to explain, I say that. But sometimes, to keep things on the low side, I just say "good friend."

They know who they are. We've just been having a debate about the word lovers in our group, anyway - are people who are lovers also nameable as lovers? or are they just, you know, making love every now and then, but not really lovers? The nuances mattered to us for a while. Now they don't. Their relationship is a lot more secure and couple-like than it was a few months ago.

In the end, I suppose it's personal.... right?
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