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I don't like the word "lover", personally. In the contexts in which I've heard it, it seems to have an illicit or turgid meaning that I don't really want to convey when I talk about my partner.

I tend to use the word "partner" in writing, and P's name when talking to people. I'll use "boyfriend" as well, but the term grates on me, since I personally feel a bit high-schoolish using it.
Dramatis personae:
Me: Mono. Divorced, two kids, two cats, one house with many projects.
Chops: My partner of ~3 years. Poly. In relationships with me, Xena, and Noa.
Xena: Poly. In relationships with Chops and Noa, and dating others.
Noa: Married, Poly. In relationships with Chops and Xena (individually).

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