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Default Clarification

Originally Posted by GreenAcres View Post
Thank you for the welcome, Kevin!

Overall, I am fairly comfortable in the poly life, but I am currently in a very uncomfortable V that I am going to be ending. I posted in the poly relationships thread, but I think it's still in moderation. Short version: totally in love with him, can't deal with her, and have never been comfortable in a polyfi V that is set up this way, especially with the Drama Queen, passive-aggressive metamour. I'm pretty heartbroken about ending it, but it's getting unhealthy for me.

Now I just have to figure out how to end it. I've never had a breakup like this before (it's going to be painful and messy, because he and I are still very in love, very compatible).
Do you mean that you and she are both dating him? If so, you appear to be referring to breaking him and her up. Usually trying to break up other people's relationships is a bad idea and it's generally not considered acceptable to anyone poly (that's an open relationship, but it's not a poly situation). Or do you mean you are going to break up with him?
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