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Well, before we descend into mommy war madness... let's stop for a sec, shall we? Everybody breathe... ok, ready to go on?

Look, london has a valid point. Most American women are inclined towards epidurals and induction. Evidence based care is not the "norm" for this country. She and I had already been talking back and forth about this subject. I don't know that what she said was a specific poke at you, WH. You and Ali also have a valid point. Not everyone's hospital experiences here have been awful. There are good ones too. My good ones just happen to be at home instead, that's all.

Maternity care and birth are different everywhere. I'm sure we could nitpick the bad in every single country. It's more effective and beneficial, however, to find the good and reinforce it. Who doesn't want better birth, right? Isn't that the goal? Better births mean better babies and better mamas. Yes, we have to talk about the bad too. We have to assess it, learn from it, and find ways to make it better. Birth trauma and birth rape are very, very real and damaging experiences. Healing these wounds in our mothers sometimes requires extensive and painful conversation.

But we can surely have this dialogue without stabbing one another over opinions and experiences, yes? The free flow of information and respect will serve us more effectively.

ETA: I see london posted while I was still typing. I hadn't seen her response before I posted. Sorry. I'm gonna let this post stand as it is though.
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