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No I was giving my experience of looking after American women as a midwife. They wanted us to do things that were not supported by evidence and felt that they were entitled to have these interventions because they would have been allowed or even recommended them in the US.

Induction is often medically indicated, but inducing someone simply because they have a few of the side effects of being heavily pregnant or to fit around a particular date is not a appropriate medical indication. It was very hard to get many of the US clients to understand this, along with getting them to understand why you cannot have an epidural when you are not in established labour. They would be the ones to tell us that "In America, you can have an epidural at 1cm" (as well as the fact that we see it on TV). They couldn't understand that their doctors have an incentive to ignore evidence based practice that minimises intervention because it means they get less money per birth.

And believe me, I have seen shocking practice here, in fact, a mother in my son's class died a couple of months ago after having a section. The difference here is that the system is set up to be evidence based and promote normal birth. That isn't the case in the US. That is the fundamental difference.
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