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Originally Posted by Stevefromtexas View Post
If we were to find someone new together as a team and all three of us were okay with it then we all three get the fuzzy feelings and there's no need to do it behind each other's back.
Do you find it likely that your wife will get a lot of fuzzy feelings from you getting another girlfriend?

Originally Posted by Stevefromtexas View Post
Once again sex is not my motivation.
For your wife at least. You really don't seem to be connecting with the fact that your wife is heterosexual and will only have the distinct privilege of watching *you* have a new girlfriend.

While I agree with everyone else that it would just be cruel to seek out a new lover so that you can use it as a bandaid, mediator, and all purpose chew toy for your failing marriage, I also recognize that there is an extraordinarily low chance that anyone would even want to. Anyone who *would* want to involve themselves in arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is not going to be a stable human being.
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