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It's been two weeks since I've in general has been awful on the quad front, as far as getting time together. Families have been sick, and busy. I normally see Asha and Sunday often during the week, but lately they've been sick, we've been sick, and various activities for the children have kept us apart. I worry that Easy and Asha haven't had any time together to build their relationship. My natural tendency is to be a bit territorial, so I'm trying very hard not to micromanage the two of them, but still I worry. It's hard to take a deep breath and let go. Okay, now that I've written that, I see that I need to do exactly that. Here's hoping. I guess I'm scared that 1) I'm toxic to their relationship and 2) if their relationship doesn't go well, it will affect my relationship with Asha. I've never had a relationship with a woman before, and I'm kind of unsure how to go about this. Asha sees me as very fragile and skittish, so she's more distant than I would like, I think.

Sunday has been showing just a tiny bit more affection for me, which is good in my eyes. We had a good dinner this last weekend--the only time we were able to get together as a family, sadly. I felt comfortable touching the others, and Sunday seemed to respond well. I wish Asha had responded more, but she's got a lot on her mind right now and perhaps she just didn't feel cuddly. I'm a LOT more physical than she is.

Moose wanted to go to dinner with the family, but got crabby and sullen when the ten o'clock hour passed. It's not unusual for us to be out later than that on a weekend, but he was up late the night before so I guess it could have been lack of sleep. Monkey was also tired and crabby, and both of them behaved poorly, so we had to have a talk with them about appropriate ways to express their feelings. However, I think it went well and I hope it didn't make Asha and Sunday feel slighted. We needed to leave anyway, but when the kids started acting up it might have seemed like we were leaving in response to that.

I meant this to be a look into a quad family trying to blend together, but the families have been fairly seperate the last two weeks.
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