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Originally Posted by blueyedbutch
I do know most of all I want my wife to become more accepting of my poly nature at the very least, whether we stay monogomous, or together or not.
Sounds like you have determined what your desired outcome is then. At least for this initial chunk of time.

Could put your energies there and refine that statement.

She may or may not accept in the end. That is on her to determine.

But on your end? You can ask her what it takes from you for her to be more likely to be willing to engage in constructive conversation to try understand you in context.

She may or may not like it. She may or may not accept it. She may or may not understand it. Those are all possible conclusions after the talk.

But she could talk to you and try to understand you in context. That is a behavior she could do -- have a good talk with you, or a series of talks with the goal of trying to understand your POV.

So what's it take from you to arrange that conversation to happen?
  • Backing off for a month or so?
  • Then reading books/links to websites/other resources separate or together?
  • Counseling separate or together? A counselor helping to guide the conversation along?
  • What sorts of behavior from you would be welcome?
  • What sorts of behavior from you would NOT be welcome?

See if you can talk to each other and figure out what those things might be so she is willing to have that conversation with you.


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