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Ermm, Ali, this may be cultural and all but....that IS actually terrifying to me.

The majority of the time in the UK at least, they discuss emergency procedure during the pregnancy, this negates having papers flying in front of your face during labour. To be honest, I find that all rather shocking. I am glad you have felt your experiences were positive ones though and I am so happy to hear your baby was fine after that scare.

Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
I've given birth both in the States and in Europe. Every single experience in the US was far, far better than that in Europe.
Where in the tickety boo is "Europe"? There are many, many countries here all with different health services and different standards of care. We have so far been talking of the UK's National Health Service, no one from other parts of "Europe" have contributed yet, so where is it you speak of?
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