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On the subject of women who refer to themselves as "girls" in a non-joking-way:

Sorry, I just find fully grown adults who refer to themselves as pre-pubescent versions of themselves or as "girls" or "boys" in a non-joking-way to be unappealing.~

It just seems to me that they are afraid to call themselves women as the might feel they would have to do everything they think of what it means to be an "adult".~

Perhaps they are afraid of so-called "responsibility of being an adult", but if they do then they must not realize being an adult doesn't mean you have to be responsible as I have seen as many irresponsible adults as there are responsible adults.~

Perhaps they are afraid of growing older and conversing with many upon this subject, I found this to often be true: they believe it gives them a more "youthful" appearance instead of the reality in the language they use as more likely appearing "immature" at least to those like myself who actually understand the meaning of the English language.~
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