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Post Looking for guidance

Hey everyone, I'm a single straight female looking for some help and advice on a few things. A little about me: I realized I was into polyamory around 2011. I didn't start actively living the lifestyle until February this year, after a hard breakup with my ex. We were monogamous and had a great connection, but he didn't understand or want an open relationship. Although it's been around 7 months since I started being poly, I still feel very new to the whole thing.

Those I've been intimate this year have mostly been touring musicians. The thing is, I haven't been upfront with some of them about being poly, and I'm wondering how and when I should bring it up? Or does it matter considering they might be intimate with other ladies in other cities, and we might not ever pursue a serious relationship since they live miles away? Also, would you advise against this type of thing if I were interested in a career in the music industry? (I know this might be obvious but I'd like to hear your answers...)

Thanks a lot in advance, and feel free to ask me questions.

- DC

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