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Default lately

Been so busy! Started a new job last Monday. I LOVE IT!!!

So PR and I are officially (it's still unclear exactly how much) dating/seeing each other. He's gotten a little over his issue of finding the "one" and only for now. I sent him a link to He and DH discussed everything. That DH is completely fine with PR having feelings for me and I him.

Although, PR did too much thinking last time we saw each other so he wasn't quite up to his normal bedroom performance.

PR and I are trying to see each this Thursday. Schedules are hard for us to do in the evenings after I am off work. PR is a nurse and works 2-11 and on his days off he has his kids. The only way we'll see each other is after 11 (ouch I work at 7:30). Hopefully as his schedule rotates every 6 or 8 weeks we'll have some weekend nights to see each other.

And the location: he can't at his place, we can here but that is with DH being home and that usually is a tag team situation. I'd really like to have some real alone time with PR. We have been discussing a hotel...but cash flow wise, not really practical until I get my first check to go halves on it.

I'll get back to some history sometime soon but for now...busy, busy, busy.
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