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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post

I agree with your point.
I would say though, that if we want to encourage a new meaning to a word-it would be more functional to express our definition when we use it. Otherwise, people will gneerally assume we mean what the "norm" for the word is.

So if I walk around deciding that I'm going to use the N word with a different meaning-I'm likely to get the shit kicked out of me. Regardless of whether or not my intention is to re-frame the word to a better meaning in order to delete its negative connotation-or to be an ass.

Especially when we are already attempting to communicate within severe limitations; it seems HIGHLY counterproductive to pointedly complicate it further by insisting on using language in a way that is clearly confusing to others (and if more than 3 people out of a half dozen or so, are expressing confusion, that seems a pretty obvious sign that we're using the language in a confusing manner AT LEAST for that venue).

Where I can use MANY terms that my close friends and family would understand; those same terms are pointless here. Because people here would be LOST and confused as to what on earth I was trying to express to them.
If I am pointedly writing things that make no sense to anyone here, there is the risk of my getting banned as a spammer. The same way people who post a bunch of foreign language posts get banned as spammers.....
Very true, LR. It really does depend on where we are, who we are talking to, the type of social environment we find ourselves in, etc. Appropriate terms and phrases in the appropriate place. A Scot would get some quizzical looks if they started using Scottish dialects in America. "Clart" means "messy, untidy person" and is not really used by the younger generation. Age range is definitely one variable factor.

As you said, its appropriate to use different words with family and something specifically geared towards a forum such as this one.

"Interfere" hasn't changed in generally accepted meaning, but may at some point again. Obviously, how its used now will dictate how we use it ourselves.

I should post a relevant quote about how an emerging meaning can bump the more established one off. And I will need to make sure I'm up to date with terms specific to this forum.

Geography - another variable. I'm sure Alaska has different meanings in the same way one end of the UK does from the other.
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