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Default You caught most of it

the jist of it was:

If Richard Dickhead Dawkins really had the degrees, schooling, and research experience that he claims, he would not make the foolish claims he does in any of his books, thus it is safe to say his degrees are either honorary or he has accepted two or three shitloads of money from wealthy individuals who have been hurt by the religious right wing and was paid to make the foolish statements he asserts.

No scientist would make such claims. True scientists have a respect for the whole truth and nothing but the truth, up to and including any known possible deviance from your conclusion. Scientists fully understand how frustrating it is to waste any amount of time -- let alone a life time -- dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge only to find out you based your work on some other scientists stretch of the truth.

In full disclosure I have only read excerpts of any of Dawkin's books, and I don't have to read them to know that from a scientific standpoint, they are junk as he is no scientist. He may have had schooling in psychology, and research psychologists are a rare breed. In the US a bachelor's degree for a Psychology major is awarded under Arts and Letters. They cannot preform any research and come to conclusions with any certainty because they rely on human feedback for data.

The are many many scientific disciplines wherein the conclusions made are 100% for certain as they occur on earth. But even science has been tainted by the male gender and their idiocy.

Scientists have no fear and no problem admitting they are wrong, they welcome evidence against their conclusions because their only goal and focus is on discovery of the truth.

Scientists are a rare breed, and their is a major difference between seekers of the truth and "reporter" of the truth such as the media and journalists.

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