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Got my diaphragm today but the grocery store didn't stock spermicide, so I had to go to the drugstore to buy some. Total cost - $68 for the diaphragm, $15 for the spermicide. Not terrible. My flex account covered the the diaphragm cost at least!

I received a flyer and coupons in the mail from the casino resort nearby and I can get a room for $99, but looking at the schedule, tomorrow is logistically the only day that will work. I am going to talk to D and see if he minds if M and I go tomorrow night, instead of the overnight at our house as planned. We had been planning to go play bar trivia, but we can do that any time. I am excited at the idea, but I need to think about the logistics and finances. It would be hella fun though! M says he hasn't ever been to a casino! I go maybe twice a year tops, just for kicks. The cool thing about the coupon is that it includes $10 in free play at the casino, so bonus!
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