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Default Lack of Sleep

The lack of sleep is getting to Maca. He's been gone a week. He can't sleep for shit alone, this has been true for all of the years I've known him.
I find it notable, that due to financial woes, growing up, he and his dad rented a small room and therefore shared a bed also.

Anyway, he's struggling because he can't sleep. There's a possibility of getting his sleeping pill amount increased-after he is home and can see the dr. But in the meantime, there's not much to be done.

Unfortunately, sleep causes all sorts of other issues, including being more accident prone, grumpier, higher insecurity etc.

I empathize. I don't have an issue sleeping alone. But there are other things I struggle with when I'm the one who is all alone (which I'm not when he works out of town, because GG is here). All of which also affect my being more accident prone, less attentive, grumpier, higher insecurity etc.

Interestingly enough-and on a good note, he's tracking it well and seeing that there isn't anything ELSE wrong. It's just lack of sleep and isolation. That doesn't make him feel better. But it does decrease the extra drama he could be creating (and isn't) by acting as if all of those emotions were "legit".

Anyway-we're all doing ok. But-I thought it interesting to note how lack of sleep is so destructive for a person.
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