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Hi Skynight,

Yep - I vote with everyone else here.
Nobody in the group has big loads of life experience let alone real experience in this matter. And as everyone noted - you have a little one involved here too.
Your wife has been doing her "homework". That's a good thing.
But - and I think you both can connect with this - it's ONE thing to read a book about something complex and understand it totally at some fundamental level.
It's quite another thing to actually practice it.

Small steps first.

Get to ALL know each other better (live and in person)
Experiment with some sexual alternatives. Go home when finished !
Keep communicating every step of the way - openly & honestly.
Repeat the phrase NRE......NRE 50 times a day
Look back in 5 years and see what you've learned that WASN'T in the book !
Love each other fiercely.

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