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Originally Posted by redsirenn View Post

Mono - You are dating a poly person. Do you feel that her seeing other people, and you letting go of her in that way impacts your relationship? ( I have my assumptions... but I don't want to assume)
My example was more directed at my past relationship, however, outside of the specifics of our boundaries, there is still an impact felt in my current relationship in regards to activities that I lump under the umbrella of intimacy. Dating or even BDSM fall into that so in short..yes.

Originally Posted by redsirenn View Post
And for you - do you feel that you are mono because if you were to explore other romantic relationships the door would close on your existing one?
In order for me to even explore another romantic relationship the door would already have to be closed. There is no overlap. My interest in someone signals my lack of interest in any one else. This does not imply that I have to be in love with anyone at all. Love isn't a game of hopscotch for me. There could be huge breaks. I have no need to explore anyone else...I love Redpepper because I love her, not because I want to love someone or be loved. I was meant to love her.

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