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Default approaching poly

So, this is what i am thinking about bringing up to him. Let me know if this sounds good, k?

Give time for me to develop trust in the relationship. While being sexually exclusive. During this time, i will continue to examine all my thoughts about this, and so will he. We will continue to have discussions about this during that time and develop some sort of rule set. Then, after I feel we have talked about and thought this thru, and feel that we have been honest and understand each other, we proceed according to what we talked about.
I have no intention of "pretending" i want to do this, which is one of his fears. I also want to make sure I am doing this for me, not just for him. He has said that he doesn't fully trust this, and I know that because my previous relationship ended due to infidelity (based on lies) that current, and future relationships EARN my trust. So, it seems that we need time.

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