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Originally Posted by sleepygirl View Post
Hello, Emma, and welcome!

So educate an ignorant American, dearheart... what is doofing?
A doof is an outdoor music party usually held in a remote location like a rainforest or bush area. It's a bit like a rave except a bunch of hippies took it outback haha. It usually has a really good sound and lighting system with top local and national (sometimes international for the big ones) DJs playing trance, psy trance and some other electronic dance music. It's a really beautiful, spiritual environment with a focus on minimal impact on our surroundings and a focus on love and connection between people. There'll often be side stalls featuring craft things, cuddle puddles (my fave!), meditation etc. It's a kinda hard subculture to define because each state is quite different in style of doofing. I've only been involved for a few years but I love it and have found a beautiful 'doof family' wherever I go (I've lived in a few different states).
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