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Ha! M scored highest in Quality Time, and then Physical Touch.

We had a great day together - we spent about an hour in the morning at Starbucks, just the two of us, and the we were joined by his best friend. I drove us all to go play WarMachine at a gaming store nearby. I'd never played before, but it is a HUGE part of M's life. So, I figured I would give it a go. I've played other table-top games before, so the mechanics were easy to grasp, but holy crap is it going to take a while to get comfortable with all the army options!

Anyway, we spent the entire day there, and then back to M's town, where we dropped his friend off and then snuggled in the park for a half hour before he had to go. I am glad we got some alone time.

He gave me a birthday present - so sweet! Apparently there is a miniatures game involving Game of Thrones, and he bought me Caitlin Stark, who he knew was my favorite character. He spent 20 hours painting her! Crazy man. It's what he does though. I appreciate how much effort he put into it for me. Seriously, wow!

On the way home today I just could not stop thinking about how much I love this man, and how lucky I am to have him in my life.

I was crazy horny too - he got me super fired up in the park, but left me hanging because we didnt have a place or the time to be intimate. Luckily, my husband was fine with stealing M's thunder and giving me his penis tonight. Thank goodness, because I was about to go crazy. I told M, and he was happy for me. I feel bad for him though, because he told me earlier he hadn't had sex with his wife in a long while. I can't imagine why not! He is so generous and giving and loving in bed. I want him all the time. He deserves lots of attention.

He is coming for an overnight on Wednesday, so I am excited about that, and he will get plenty of attention from me, for sure. It feels like forever since I've been under him, indoors. Oh yes, I can't wait!
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