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Welcome Hoyam,
Glad to have you on our forum.

It sounds like this has been a challenging leap of faith for your husband, but I take it he is indeed okay with your relationship with the new guy?

Since it's all new, there will be many things to learn, and is a good place to start. May I suggest our Golden Nuggets board? It covers a lot of the basics.

You'll find good insights throughout this site, and you're always welcome to post your thoughts, questions, and concerns as they arise. Most people would say, "Gosh, how lucky can you get to have two guys instead of just one?" The truth is, you have quite a challenge on your hands! Two guys with unique personalities, wants, needs, and fears, and you have to find a balance of your time and attention between the two that will make them both happy. Not that they have no responsibility for making it work; it's especially important they keep you updated on how they're feeling, for instance. But you're what we call a "hinge" in a V configuration, and a hinge has a big job.

Hope you enjoy the time you spend here.
Kevin T.
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