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Originally Posted by sleepygirl View Post
I'm very curious about the differences in care in the UK, compared to the often disastrous and controlling care here in the states.
All I know about American birth experiences is what I see on reality TV and in that I wonder just how 'real' it is! Regardless it looks very terrifying, I once watched one Maternity program in which the Doctor openly called a labouring woman selfish because she declined an epidural, apparently, she might get noisy and scare other women.

All those women flat on their back too? I just don't get it.

Over here the policy is a natural vaginal birth is the best possible birth for both mother and baby.

My baby was born in May, she was born in a pool, once I got in, the midwives didn't really do anything physical until, I pushed her all the way out, it was an incredibly low intervention birth which was fantastic!
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