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I'm very curious about the differences in care in the UK, compared to the often disastrous and controlling care here in the states. I have the privilege of living in a state that doesn't restrict midwifery at all, one of the few. Most of mine were midwife care and home births, and I'm thankful for that.

I just had never considered the need for a doula/midwife that was "alternative" (to use an inappropriate term for it) friendly until this morning. I can see how it could change a person's birth experience for the better. For a woman to have the loving support of all her partners, if she wants, will benefit her tremendously. I've been mulling it about in my brain all day, and I think it's a valuable idea, particularly in a place as intolerant as Oklahoma.

(btw: "squick" cracked me up. I've never heard that word before.)
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