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Originally Posted by EdmCouple View Post
It is sad that anyone has to defend themselves or even feel the need to. Your personal feelings and beliefs are yours.
Being pretty new to this I am expressing my personal observations. Quite obviously I am wrong when it comes to some things, but I'm learning.

Youarehere, I am sorry, let me clarify what I meant.
Yes it is possible to love just one, or many. What I meant by the social norms is realizing that it is okay to love more then one and accepting that other do as well. We are taught from a guy young age that mono is the normal and anything else is wrong. Conditioned so to speak to confirm to what is socially acceptable. Being socially conditioned is entirely different then being personally wired. Better?
Once again, my apologies.
And you have my apologies in return for being bristly. I had a GREAT weekend, but a couple days camping in the cold, plus a rainy day with a leaky tent, and exposure to someone who had a cold made for the trifecta of YUCK. No excuse, but I didn't need to bite your head off.

Yes, we are brought up with a social default, and there aren't very many people who have their views challenged. Relationship models aren't the only things to get tested, and I am thankful that I moved around a bit as a kid, went to college in an urban setting, and got out and about. I know people who never left their home town, so I can definitely see how wiring and social conditioning can be pretty indestinguishable in that case.

Just not in all cases.

Thanks, EdmC. I appreciate your reply, and I hope you'll take my grouchiness with a grain of salt.
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