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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I think some people feel wired as one or another AND some people choose to live one way or another.
I don't think it is either or.
Oh, I agree - I just hate hearing statements that imply I don't know my own mind about something. I get bristly, especially when I'm already feeling cranky because I'm catching a cold (sorry for the grumbliness). I've considered it, which I realize is more than many mono folks do; it's just not something that's an innate part of me, and is actually something I would find difficult, if not impossible (and unfair to anyone else I tried to love) to pull off.

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
(and sometimes necroposts simply bring back good topics. Thats ok too)
And I agree here as well, which is why I said I figured it was still a valid discussion.

The two (love-style versus relationship-style) aren't mutually exclusive, although I figure if you're innately poly, a mono relationship is going to feel horrible, as your own love-style is getting squashed. My love-style isn't getting squashed in my relationship - I am loving P as I would in a mono relationship. I'm just in a relationship where convention is being tossed out the window, and yes, that's where the social stuff comes in.

The two are different, and someone saying that they doubt mono folks really exist brings me back to the point where I had to sit P down and tell him that yes, I really AM, to please stop trying to convert me, and just love me for who I am, dammit, since I'm affording him the same respect.
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