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At what point have I stated that I am moving Wolf away from her father?

I am determined to move after this school year. I have talked and talked for 5+ years about moving closer to some of my family. Now I’m determined to actually do it. I told Airyn that I’m moving because I have wanted to for years, and because I want to get away from his relationship with Chipmunk. I am moving with or without him.

How did Airyn take that? Not well. His initial response was that I’m telling him I’m move thousands of miles away and taking his daughter where he won’t see her very often.

I explained that how often Wolf sees either of us is up to her. That she’ll likely spend school times with one, and summer/holiday times with the other. I also pointed out that she may chose to switch whom she lives with during school times every other year. Wolf is old enough to think for herself and make that kind of decision. That ended that conversation. He can’t point his finger at me as “taking Wolf from him”.
I am only answering this here like this because you asked as well as sent me a pm directing me to respond to this here. This is where you said that you will be taking the child away. Yes, you state that she will have to decide what she wants to do but it is the state of your relationship that is forcing this choice.

The last thing I'll say is what I would do if I was in this situation which is to acknowledge that a) my husband and I are incompatible b) that our incompatibility is making us both unhappy and very much more than likely impacting on our kid and thus it is unfair for us to continue it. I get that financially, you might not be able to move away from each other, but I cannot see you guys ending up the amicable exes nicely sharing a home whilst being able to live your own lives without interference from one another. Again, if I was in that situation, I would make it a priority to have our own space as quickly as possible. From there, who knows? We might be able to reconnect, but the first priority is to end the madness, for your kids sake and I cannot see you acheiving that without emotional and/or physical distance. Good luck.
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