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Why do you find it so hard to believe that people like myself do not fall in (romantic) love with more than one person at the same time?

I wish people would stop conflating "wiring" (or "how I love others") with "preferred relationship style" (which can be based on social constructs). It's not just you, but it makes it quite aggravating to feel like I have to defend myself against a belief that I'm something I'm not. I'm *in* a Poly relationship. I'm already (evidently) thumbing my nose at convention. But I don't love that way.

Dammit... I fell for the necropost. But it's still, I suppose, a valid discussion. It's a discussion I need to have everytime someone tells me that monogamy is such an oppressive construct, when the word "monogamy" is used to encompass two different things entirely.
Dramatis personae:
Me: Mono. Divorced, two kids (DanceGirl, 15; and PokéGirl, 12), two cats, one house, many projects.
Chops: My partner. Poly. In relationships with me, Xena, and Noa.
Xena: Poly. In a relationship with Chops. Dating others.
Noa: Married, Poly. In a relationship with Chops.

External blog with a mono/poly focus: From Baltic to Boardwalk

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