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Default However:

Yes this decision does take Airynís choice to have both myself and Chipmunk as SOís in his life away from him on my side of that equation.
This is actually not entirely accurate. Airyn could still continue to pursue both relationships in tandem. One as a LDR, and one local.
I had a boss a few years back whoís wife and three children lived several thousand miles away. They only saw each other, on weekends, holidays, vacations, should their various schedules permit. That setup worked well for my Boss and his Wife. Perhaps that would work for Airyn as well. It would not be exactly what he wants, but then we canít all have exactly what we want can we?

Originally Posted by london View Post
I also think that it probably isn't in the best interests of your child to move her away from her father.
This is laughable to me. At what point have I stated that I am moving Wolf away from her father? For all anyone here knows Wolf will be living with her father full time. Or she may choose to spend school times with one parent, and vacation/summers with another. Or she may choose to be home schooled again so she can more easily switch between living with one parent or the other as she see fit.

Wolf is not a child so much any more. While she is also not an adult she is intelligent, and very much capable of making her own decisions, mistakes, ect. Not all kids/children her age are at that mental level, but she is. When presented with something in a calm manner she is more than willing to take it in, think about it, and discuss it later to come to a conclusion of her own.

Does this clear things up at all for anyone?
Does it leave more questions than answers?
Is it upsetting to you personally?

Feel free to ask questions. If you choose to write a response in a way that can be taken in a negative tone then itís probably best to make a PM versus a post to my blog. Iím willing to read and consider the opinions, and experiences of other people, but i do not view others experience, and opinions as superior to my own, nor do I put a (normally) whole lot of stock into the opinions of strangers. This does not mean that I donít ever get my feeling hurt, by the opinion of a stranger. It means (for me) that if/when an opinion has such a negative effect it ends up holding less weight in my thought process (once Iíve processed what was said and how I feel about it).

The opinions and advice offered by someone who knows me, my family, and has had a better view of the situation holds much more weight in the end.

Has anyone noticed that as I have written more in these few weeks Iím less angry, less venting then I was when I first came to writing in this blog or even just a few months ago?

Perhaps itís just me, but I feel that things are changing. Some changes will be good, some may not be so good. I however am willing to make the best of what comes next, and choose where i will go, and what i will do via conversations within my family. And yes that includes Wolf, and Airyn.

What ever else Airyn and I are to each other we are still the others closest friend. Perhaps his moving out will allow us to heal and be able to live together again as more then just roommates, perhaps not. I'm no entirely stuck expecting any particular conclusion. Sure I have a preference, but preferences can and do change.
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