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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
Hmmm, we have Midwife led care in the UK so, your experiences might be totally different but generally medical staff don't tend to pry, they ask questions from a medical history standpoint but s long as you and the baby are healthy they tend not to judge. But that is the UK, I know people are often more vocal in their judgement in other countries which might necessitate the need for a person from within your 'alt' community?
The way I think it would affect your care in this country is things like your baby going into NICU and only "parents" being allowed to visit them (it's like that in some units here). Or even the fact that most women have their partner and mum in the room, and most hospitals allow 2 people in the room (even in birth centres). What about the woman who wants both her partners (both parents to the baby) and her mum in the room? Who will she pick? Also, say you have both partners there, you don't want one person to be treated like Dad and the other to be treated like an uncle/aunt. Honestly, a poly friendly midwife would give you the optimum birth experience as new parents. Luckily, most universities do discuss alternative relationships during the course, so new midwives hopefully have some idea that not everyone is monogamous and sometimes children have more than two parents.
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