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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I'm sorry my having faked orgasms annoy you... what is it that you hope to gain by saying that to me? Why does it annoy you? Is it that you think I am in some way less than the women you fuck?
The way I read it is that it annoys him if a woman HE is having sex with tries to fake an orgasm. It's as though she thinks it will fool him and he can tell, and finds it insulting. I can see how it might have seemed like it was directed AT you, but I do not think that was the case.

Care to clear this up one way or another, Ariakas?

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Then I will simply chalk this up to regional differences. The women I tend to meet know exactly what they want, when they want it and how they want it. Very international I might add age range...lets say 20 to 34...
What do you mean by "very international i might add age range"? This sentence does not make sense to me.

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