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Default Dawkins cracks me up

I seriously don't believe a word of any of his college coursework he is credited with. He is a novelist and clearly doesn't understand basic principles of evolution.

I can fully understand why he talks crap about what the church preaches, it's just I have less respect for him because I take science and truth very seriously, more so than I do anything the church says. So to me, people like Dawkins who have no respect for the truth, but make their claims in the name of Science,

thats a worse offense in my mind than church leaders spewing their crap in God name

I would debate and philosophize with you till the cows came home, but I have a hard time doing so with those that I don't respect. To start you'd have to post from just one profile account, but my experience is such that people cannot even get over themselves to be honest about that, and I have wasted way too much time in discussions here with people that wave flags of false philosophy, mostly with the only intention of proving another person wrong.
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