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Default little tidbits - big changes

A quiet overnight happened last night - yet the nature of the quiet was that we are far more connected today than yesterday.

Today feels... different. Like we crossed a line to a place where we are more fully intertwined than we were, before.

We're talking about a vacation next spring. To a city far enough away that we won't run into anyone, where we can be an open triad, holding hands however we wish, and so on.

We're talking furniture. Who gets to pick the size of the mattress that AM needs to buy?! No matter what she pickes, WI and I are buying the sheets for it - after all, we'll be in them, often enough, right? AM finds this whole thing hilarious.

We're talking about witnessing, with me asking them (and each responding) with real words about who and what they are to each other. Since neither was bi, before this, it's been hard for each to admit what they felt for another woman. Hmmm, they seem not to have a hard time kissing.

We're talking about commitment to the relationship as it now is, without knowing where it might be going.

This weekend feels momentous. It feels essential. It feels like a new world.
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