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Absolutely! In my interpretation, I think of culture as the lifestyle, day-to-day aspect, and something that you share individually or with your close friends and family. For example, from an ethnic perspective, culture is something you carry with you even if you move to a new country, surrounded by a new culture. Whereas you obviously can't bring your community with you across the world, unless it's an online community.

Or, if you're just a triad of polies living together in a home but not associating with any other poly people, then I would say you're part of the poly culture but not the community.
This is why I dislike the use of the word "poly lifestyle". It does imply that there is some underlying common "flavor of life" that poly people have, when the reality is that poly relationships look as different from each other as they look from mono relationships. The way people love is wide and varied.

This is also why I'm a big fan of not trying to attach any more meaning or assumptions to the word polyamory. It really just means multiple consensual loving relationships, yet people attach assumptions about being hyper-sexual or politically radical or all sort of things that really don't apply to a vast number of people who live in poly relationships.
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