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So much information and opinions here. A great read all the way through.
I am going to try and summarize a few things here, please feel free to correct me if I have missed the mark.
There seems to be different camps or schools of thought on the subject of poly and what is or is not poly.
It seems to me that some people are of the opinion that any non monogamous relationship is poly, where others, purists so to speak only accept poly in its defined form. This I understand as I am a car guy and a Pontiac purist, which means that I only think real Pontiac were built before 1981 when the were equipped with Pontiac engines. In fact I jokingly call 1982-2002 firebird cross dressing camaros (no disrespect meant to crossdressers). Essentially a Pontiac is only a Pontiac in original form. This being said, I have nothing against the other car guys and really respect them as such. My thing just is not their thing.
The whole kids vs no kids, we'll to each their own. We have kids. Have friends that both have and have not. We really don't care if someone does or does not. Think it would be pretty shallow to choose people based on that. You would miss many opportunities to meet and get to know good people. Sounds silly to me.
In closing I would like to say that I hope the mere semantics of the meaning of a word would not cause a rift in a community like this. The mutual support and information shared here is valuable. Especially for new folks like us.
Thank you to all members here, enjoy reading and learning.
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