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Originally Posted by alibabe_muse View Post
I had all tests last month, negative for both HSV 1 & 2. This thread has me confused because I had cold sores a lot up to the age of 20 (always with a cold & runny nose). It seems based on the discussion here I should test positive for HSV1.
There are a couple other conditions that can cause lip sores, but that is rather bizarre, Ali! But I am never surprised at how different people's immune systems respond to disease (and vaccinations). Did tons of research on all that back when my kids were young.

I limited my kids' vaxes and in their preteen, early teen years all 3 of my kids, and myself, came down with pertussis (caught from unvaccinated cousins). After all of us being sick a while and typical pertussis symptoms began, we all went to the doctor to get tested (she was a MD as well as using homeopathy). Even though we all had the exact same symptoms of about equal duration, 2 tested pos and 2 tested neg. *rolleyes* (We all took meds to make us less contagious to the public for the next couple weeks, in case anyone is getting nervous to read we actually had and survived pertussis.)
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