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Default New in world of polyamory and in need of forumcontact!

Hello i'm a married mother of 3 who more or less accidently became involved in a poly-relationship. It happened, in all honesty, but without looking for it. only after a few weeks it became clear what this was and after a while i found out about polyamory! Never heard of it before!

So, me, married, woman, 33 years old, my husband (married for 10 years) is 35, and lately i became involved with a man, 44 years old. Both of them are mono. Me, i enjoy my new vision of life, new experiences, et cetera. Also we struggle because it's new, not a choice (especially for my husband) and we have to adept to this new situation. We don't talk about this outside out home because of the children, shame, fear of not open minded reaction et cetera.

Hopefully this forum helps me in this proces!
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