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So, I'm Emma (yep I used my real name in my username whoops, but I'm not too fussed if anyone figures out who I am). I live in Australia but travel a lot. I am a 25 year old female. I don't really follow the Western conceptualisations of human sexuality, I am just attracted to people and their gender/sexuality/whatever is just something that comes with that person. I have dated and/or slept with men, women, transwomen and am open to anyone if there are sparks.

I have had some successful relationships with men but no LTR with women, just short term, but all my sexual and emotional relationships seemed to lack something. I'm not assuming that polyamory is a saviour for my future relationships just that it is something I have always wanted to explore and I think it would bring a new dynamic to my emotional and physical needs and I think change and new things are invigorating.

I love to travel, write, read, listen to and make music, nature, hiking, camping, entheogens, art, doofing (probs only the Aussies will know that one). Hmmm it's hard to do these intros! I'm not sure what else makes up my essence so not sure what to add. Anyway, looking forward to learning more about polyamory and getting to know new people!
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