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OKC guy, while initially stating he is open to open relationships, is in fact, not.
He is looking for "the one." He currently has a couple of "booty calls", but wants to stop that and focus on "one special person." It was a very fun night despite the differing relationship goals. I am still quite happy to sail solo.
Ah well, worth a try.

Later that same evening Prof arrives. We discussed online dating, possibility of going mono if the right person came along etc, he said he wouldn't want me to go mono, for very selfish reasons. lol.

Then he got into this monologue about love and veto. He cannot say he loves me cause that would be a veto. he cannot let it appear to S that loves me cause that would be a veto. He got into gesturing. Here is the line, here is love, here is strong emotional connection. I feel I am here,( gestures to the love side) but can only admit to be being here, ( strong emotional connection side. "Understand?"

Just like me telling Kip, " I was going to say I love you but thought you'd misunderstand."

Funny, we are struggling with the "L" word.

Additionally, he said he hoped I notice he is trying with the time thing. Er,yes, I have seen him 4 nights this week. And thought we did a lot of fun stuff together and are planning the weekend trip. Yes we do and are.

I need to appreciate what I have got a lot more.
Me: mid 40s female.
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