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To be fair to other people who use BDSM as therapy, it's one thing to ask your partner to tie you with straps because you're afraid of restraints, with the expectation that your partner will stop when you start to show more than a little discomfort. It's another to have a dynamic with your partner where it's expected that they'll reduce you to a weeping, incoherent mess as part of an average session, which was the case with my metamour and her sadist. I think combining that particular dynamic with BDSM-as-exposure-therapy was where the wrong turn was made. *shrug* Imho, anyway, like I said she regrets that particular incident -- she thinks that she made some big mistakes beforehand by not doing enough to manage her mental state, and going through with the scene even though she'd had a bad day and was having doubts -- but doesn't think that the overall approach is at fault.
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