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Would you have a link to the article redsiren? I'm curious to read it and see if she's able to quantify any of her results as part of some kind of study or if she's just making a general observation.
If I could throw my two cents in... I think some of the posts stating that most of us have experienced abuse in some form or another in our lives is somewhat fair to assume. I think what may be a factor is the severity of the abuse and/or if it's chronic.
I was severely verbally abused growing up and probably should have been removed from my home, but I never told anyone until my adulthood. My husband experienced some verbal abuse as well, perhaps not as extreme though. I'm unsure if my boyfriend has experienced any kind of abuse, none that he's mentioned.
I think a more poignant area to research would be how many people who are poly come from mono families with divorced parents... In my case, all 3 of us have divorced parents, and all of the divorces were especially difficult for all involved.
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