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You think that it is that hard to define abuse?

I think that you could make a short list as to what you thought was abusive, and these lists would correlate to a large degree. Alot of it does have to do with society at the time, it is true.

BUT - I have seen people jump on the abuse bandwagon here regarding posts of some people in their relationships. It seems that for many abuse is clear enough to be identified when brought up in this forum.

If you cannot identify what abuse is to you - how do you protect yourself from it? How do you protect your friends? How does child protective services work then? What is classified as spousal abuse and warrants counseling or even restraining orders? What about torture?

I have a feeling you all can define abuse clearer. ESPECIALLY for yourselves. If you are a survivor of abuse - you might be able to contribute to this thread.

Think about it.

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