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I used to use a diaphragm (I tried pills for several years, but not only didn't like the mood side effects, but I'm terrible at remembering to take at the same time each day thing) and the biggest issue I noticed was greater frequency of UTIs. Now, I'm very very susceptible to UTIs to start with (I've been hospitalized a couple times for kidney infections, apparently things are real sensitive in my urinary tract), and I can't say at this point why exactly a diaphragm would affect my urinary tract, but it might be something to just keep an eye on, and take preventive measures like extra cranberry juice (the 100% juice, not cranberry cocktail with sugar in it) or cranberry pills just in case.

We went back to using condoms after it got to be way too frequent for me, then after 4 c-sections the doctor recommended I not get pregnant any more (too much scar tissue, chance of rupture) and did a tubal ligation during the last c-section.
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