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Greetings Leo,
Welcome to our forum.

So, the three of you are still together? Do you still have a sexual relationship with the lady, as well as with the other guy? Does sharing you sexually still bother him, or does he seem to be coming to terms with it?

I'm sure you'll answer these and more questions in your pending blog. When you start it, post a link to it in this thread, and I'll follow that link and check it out. Also the Poly Relationships Corner is a good place to post to get advice; what I mean is, the blog board is kind of like "sacred ground" and people aren't supposed to tell you a lot of, "Hey you should be doing such-and-such differently," on that board. So you may want to use the blog board and the Poly Relationships Corner as well (depending on if you're indeed seeking advice).

Glad you could join us.
Kevin T.
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