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Exclamation Mod Note

Since this has generated some discussion, let's be clear, this IS my mod hat.

Something to keep in mind about the guidelines is that they are not entirely exhaustive or built to cover every eventuality. Otherwise they'd be as long as the "How are you Doing" thread, ... and it's not like anyone seems to read them all as it is.

Necro posting as Ari has explained is generally discouraged on most forums, and with good reason.

As for the examples that NYC provided, yes, there has been a limited tolerance of necro's in the past. However, the examples provided were individually isolated incidents, and generally involved some kind of additional contribution or rekindling of discussion that would be independent of the previous posters contributions. (ie: It's very similar to splitting off a new thread, and later having it merged back to an older after the fact)

There is a difference between necro's occurring once in a while with new contributions, and a habitual digging up the dead to desecrate the corps.

Bottom line: Necro's once in a while isn't an issue, especially if you have some value to add, and can do so respectfully to absent members. Just don't make a habit of it.

Anything further about Ari's initial post and the previous mod warnings will not be discussed here, as per the guidelines.
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