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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
Me too..I can't believe I missed the European comment earlier but....what??

Europe is made up of dozens of Countries with widely different cultures. Not some homogeneous mass of sameness,,,there is no "European Style" of dating. Italians don't date the same as Swedes, the Poles date different from the Brits and I'm not too sure that many of us 'date' like LR.
I was just going by what I learned in a discussion thread in the forums on OKC where Americans and Europeans all weighed in on what "dating" is, and by no means did I assume that it was black and white - but every European that added to the topic had very different definitions of dating than the Americans did. I don't have time to add details right now, but maybe later. I know I've posted about it here before. I'm certainly o expert and I could be completely clueless - I should've said LR's style of dating matches what I've been told is a very European way of doing it. But that's still lame, I know. Sorry to be such an ass!
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